Sunday, February 20, 2011

No Turkey -- Back Story

2002, my thesis project was a cook book. Written (friend and family recipes), illustrated (yeah chicken diagram, see above) and designed for my senior year at design school. To get a cover shot (above) I invited all my school pals to pretend-cook a thanksgiving dinner in front of the lens. After the lights and cameras were turned off, we ate the props. It was an excellent dinner. A week before Thanksgiving, we all had a hard time stomaching a second (real) turkey dinner. I swore I would keep getting people together, but promised no more turkey.

I have kept up the tradition of this meal every year along with after-dinner homespun absurdist pictionary. Here is a review of each year, and the basic menu. If you've ever been to this shindig you'll remember every facet is homemade, down to the condiments.

2002 -- The original, turkey and fixins
2003 -- Lasagna (received the title lasagna stealth)
2004 -- Pork tenderloin, risotto, other goods
2005 -- Just the sides (this is the year things got serious more food, variety and guests)
2006 -- Brunch (People arriving at 2 pm stayed until 11, and were fed 3 meals, this may have been the most fun year)
2007 -- Mezas and tapas (biggest variety, biggest crowd = 50 plus people)
2008 Make your own pizza, with billions of people
2009 Taco party, Ole.
2010....Delayed due to lack of space